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Navpoint HTX

The new Centennial Navpoint HTX is a versatile all-season tire made for light trucks and SUVs. Designed as a superior highway terrain tire, it's prepared to take on adverse weather or road conditions while providing a smooth and comfortable ride on clear weather free roadways.  

For greater traction, the Navpoint HTX is enhanced with performance siping that allows tread lugs to flex and expand as needed, along with two large circumferential grooves that expel water for improved steering.

Perfect for everyday driving, yet tough enough to get you home in inclemet weather.

  • Superior highway terrain tire for everyday driving in all seasons
  • Excellent traction in varying weather and road condtions
  • Enginerred for driver comfort and low road noise
  • Next generation tread design

Navpoint HTX
Navpoint HTX
Navpoint HTX
Navpoint HTX

Features & Highlights

Highway Terrain

Superior Highway terrain for everyday driving in all season.

Highway Terrain

Circumferential Grooves

Two large circumferential grooves expel water for improved traction on wet roads.

Circumferential Grooves

Performance Siping

Performance inspired siping allow tread lugs to flex and expand when needed, creating greater road contact.

Performance Siping

Sizes & Specs

Part #SizePly RatingT/D 32nd In.ODSWRim WidthWeightPSILoad IndexSpeedMax Load
COMING LATE 2019LT225/75R1610PR16.029.308.86.000.080115/112Q2680/2470
COMING LATE 2019LT235/85R1610PR16.031.709.306.500.080120/116R3042/2778
COMING LATE 2019LT245/75R1610PR16.030.509.807.000.080120/116S3042/2778
COMING LATE 2019LT235/80R1710PR16.031.809.306.500.080120/117R3085/2835
COMING LATE 2019LT245/70R1710PR16.030.609.807.000.080119/116R3000/2755
COMING LATE 2019LT245/75R1710PR16.031.509.807.000.080121/118S3195/2910
COMING LATE 2019P255/70R17SL14.031.1010.207.500.044110T2337
COMING LATE 2019255/65R18SL14.031.1010.107.500.044111T2403
COMING LATE 2019LT275/65R2010PR16.034.1011.008.000.080126/123R3750/3415
COMING LATE 2019285/45R22XL13.032.1011.209.500.050114H2601/1180